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Defensive Daley Disinforms

“Mayor Richard Daley today scoffed at complaints that next month’s increases in parking meter rates would affect people in many Chicago neighborhoods,” the Tribune reports.

“The mayor said there are ‘very few (meters) in the neighborhoods. It’s about 80 percent downtown – 80, 85 percent downtown in 2 or 3 wards. It’s not in the communities’.”


“In fact, of the city’s 34,264 metered spots, about 8,100 are in the 42nd and 2nd Wards that cover downtown. That’s only about one-fourth of them, not the four-fifths Daley claimed.”

Hey, no one said Daleyland was a reality-based community.

O’Hare Wars

While the mayor was celebrating the opening of a new runway at O’Hare and fending off questions about the opposition of six airlines to his airport expansion program, foes of the plan ran a full-page ad in the Daily Herald. I had trouble wrestling the entire image into this post, so I’ll just provide you with the text.


Chicago has made many unchallenged public relations claims about Mayor Daley’s much ballyhooed “O’Hare Modernization Program” or “OMP”. But when one looks at the details it is quickly apparent that the public relations claims are mostly “hot air”.

The Aviation Benefit Claims are Bogus!

* The infamous “Western Access” – a one hour bus ride around the airport. Chicago admits that passengers with baggage, who use American Airlines and who park in the western parking lot, will face a one hour bus ride around the airport to get to the American terminal. Same goes for United passengers with baggage who land at Terminal 1. Imagine: $15-20 billion of your money for a Rube Goldberg design that eats up an additional hour of your time! That’s “modernization”?

* The 45 minute taxi ride from the Northern Runway to the United Terminal. Because Daley’s massive plan fails to fix a critical taxiway choke point on the northern side of the main terminal complex, FAA controllers anticipate major taxi delays in good weather (let alone bad weather) from the northern runway to the United terminal complex.

* Minor Delay reduction rapidly disappears. FAA’s own studies show that the new runway will not provide any significant long term delay relief.

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Congressman O’Connor

The latest scuttlebutt about who will replace Rahm Emanuel in Congress centers on Fortieth Ward Ald. Patrick O’Connor, Mayor Daley’s floor leader. He sounds perfect for the job.

“O’Connor noted that the field is getting more crowded by the day,” the Sun-Times reports, “setting the stage for an open Democratic primary election.

“‘We, as political leaders in this congressional district, would be pretty poor leaders if we allow it to dissolve into something like that’.”

God forbid we let this dissolve into an open primary!

“This is an opportunity for all of us to be together, work together and come up with a candidate we can all support.”

Yes. Don’t mind us. You guys decide and let us know.

Meet President Cullerton

North Side state Sen. John Cullerton won the sweepstakes to replace Emil Jones in what is a victory for Richard M. Daley and state House Speaker Michael Madigan and a loss for Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is not a happy camper today.

So who is John Cullerton? A lawyer and lobbyist, natch!

Cullerton is a partner at Thompson Coburn, where, according to a resume available on the firm’s website, he specializes in:

* Government relations work with respect to real estate tax assessment and real estate tax appeals

* Zoning, land use and annexation

* Licensing and permit applications before local governments

* Procedures and advocacy strategies for clients with matters being considered by legislators, regulators and policy makers.


And there’s more.

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Changing Daley

I had to shake my head when I heard Richard M. Daley tell reporters approvingly today that Americans want change. It reminded me of something Barack Obama said over the weekend:

“Here’s my question for you, Ohio: do you think Dick Cheney is delighted to support John McCain because he thinks John McCain’s going to bring change? Do you think John McCain and Dick Cheney have been talking about how to shake things up, and get rid of the lobbyists and the old boys club in Washington?”

Here’s my question for you, Chicago: do you think Richard M. Daley is delighted to support Barack Obama because he thinks Barack Obama’s going to bring change? Do you think Barack Obama and Richard M. Daley have been talking about how to shake things up, and get rid of the lobbyists and the old boys club in Washington?

Only if he leaves them alone in Chicago.

It Takes an Olympic Village

With the mayor’s Olympic Village plans in limbo, we here at Division Street Labs have learned of alternate sites being considered by the Chicago 2016 committee.

* Welcome back, Cabrini-Green!

* That giant ferris wheel planned for Navy Pier fits at least two to a car.

* Sending the Sox on a long road trip while Olympians camp out at The Cell.

* O’Hare’s concourses are already equipped to house long-term visitors.

* The Brown Line is converted to sleeper cars.

* Local pols say Oxford, Wisconsin has acceptable facilities.

Chicago Chooses!


Previously in Division Street Polls:

Who would you rather see impeached?

Daley’s CTA

First, let’s stipulate that the governor is an idiot.

According to CTA President Ron Huberman, the transit agency would have balanced its budget this year if not for the governor’s free ride programs and his elimination of a state reduced-fare subsidy.

And unlike Rod Blagojevich, I don’t think Huberman is lying.

But when Blagojevich accuses the CTA board of “taking its marching order from City Hall,” who can deny it?

The mayor appoints four members to the CTA board while the governor appoints three, and it’s clearly Daley’s board. Moreover, Daley has been mayor for 19 years. He may have inherited the perpetually troubled agency, but it’s clearly his agency – and his responsibility.

Unfortunately, the governor stepped on his message and drew attention to himself instead of leading reporters to ask where Daley’s board is in all of this. And just who is this board? Let’s take a look.

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Obama’s Mayor

This amateur video illustrates a potentially rich vein for Republicans to mine if they decide to take on Barack Obama’s change credentials head-on, especially given the GOP ticket’s penchant for challenging the entrenched interests of its own party.

While we’re at it, here’s the text of Daley’s speech at the DNC.

Mystery Convention Theater

Once again, Steve and Tim talk back to the TV.


TIM: “This year’s election is one of the most critical in our history.”

Has any politician ever said otherwise? “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some straight talk: this election won’t make any difference. I’m not even voting, and I’m running for president!” Maybe during that string of pre-Lincoln nobodies in the mid-19th C. (Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan).

STEVE: What’s funny is the election that didn’t figure to be “critical” turned out to be the most critical of all: 2000. Everything today flows from that one.


TIM: [Re: Daschle] “I recently was fortunate to meet with Pres. Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. He couldn’t pay his staff’s salaries. He couldn’t even pay to keep the lights on. No, he didn’t have much money. He barely had enough to survive. But when he came out on stage and he was ready to play, people came alive.”


TIM: “Chain of Fools:” Inspired choice, but I think I heard the original. “Five” (vs. “for eight long years / I thought you were my man”).

STEVE: I think they thought they were hearing “Change, Change, Change . . . “


TIM: “I’m Bill Clinton, and I am reporting for boo-tay!”

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