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Defensive Daley Disinforms

“Mayor Richard Daley today scoffed at complaints that next month’s increases in parking meter rates would affect people in many Chicago neighborhoods,” the Tribune reports.

“The mayor said there are ‘very few (meters) in the neighborhoods. It’s about 80 percent downtown – 80, 85 percent downtown in 2 or 3 wards. It’s not in the communities’.”


“In fact, of the city’s 34,264 metered spots, about 8,100 are in the 42nd and 2nd Wards that cover downtown. That’s only about one-fourth of them, not the four-fifths Daley claimed.”

Hey, no one said Daleyland was a reality-based community.


Mr. Clean Wasn’t

Seemingly out of the blue, Ald. Ed Smith has written to President Bush requesting not only that George Ryan’s sentence be commuted, but that former Ald. Larry Bloom be pardoned.

Of course, nothing just happens out of the blue in Chicago politics, so I’m sure there’s a backstory we’re not privy to yet. But let us now take a moment to remember Bloom’s crime, and ponder whether he, of all felons in Illinois, deserves forgiveness.

Bloom, you may recall, was stung in Operation Silver Shovel, having accepted $14,000 in bribes from FBI mole John Christopher. A lousy $14,000!

He pled guilty to a felony tax charge and served six months in the famed federal retreat in Oxford, Wisconsin, where he was probably laughed at by other Chicago pols for his meager haul. Bloom was released in 1999.

He shared a prison wing with three former aldermen, Virgil Jones, John Madrzyk and Jesse Evans; a former Water Reclamation Commissioner, Tom Fuller; and a former state representative, Bruce Farley. “We didn’t have a name for our wing, but we’d call `quorum’ every time we walked down the hall,” Bloom joked to Sneed after his release.

Hilarious, don’t you think?

If Bloom had been any other pol, it would have been easier to take. But Bloom’s real crime was to deepen the cynicism of our local political culture because he wasn’t just any other pol – he was Mr. Clean. From Hyde Park. An independent. A reformer.

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Congressman O’Connor

The latest scuttlebutt about who will replace Rahm Emanuel in Congress centers on Fortieth Ward Ald. Patrick O’Connor, Mayor Daley’s floor leader. He sounds perfect for the job.

“O’Connor noted that the field is getting more crowded by the day,” the Sun-Times reports, “setting the stage for an open Democratic primary election.

“‘We, as political leaders in this congressional district, would be pretty poor leaders if we allow it to dissolve into something like that’.”

God forbid we let this dissolve into an open primary!

“This is an opportunity for all of us to be together, work together and come up with a candidate we can all support.”

Yes. Don’t mind us. You guys decide and let us know.

The 42nd is No.1

From the office of Ald. Brendan Reilly:

The 42nd Ward: #1 in 2008 Voter Turnout and Voter Registration!

Alderman Reilly is thrilled that the 42nd Ward ranked #1 in both overall and early voting turnout! Current counts indicate that 36,224 ballots were cast out of a total registered voter count of 45,474, and 9,734 of these were early votes. Thanks to all who voted and contributed to the 42nd Ward’s 80% voter turnout rate!

The 42nd Ward is also ranked #1 for new voter registrations!

Party Prep

The office of downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly just released the following information about “parking restrictions, street closures and event guidelines that will be in place starting as early as Monday, November 3rd.”


Parking bans will be in effect from Lake Michigan to the Kennedy/Dan Ryan Expressway, as well as the Chicago River to the north to 22nd Street to the south Tuesday, November 4th after the PM rush hour.

Residents are advised to pay special attention to posted signs.


On Saturday, November 1, 2008, Balbo Drive will be closed between Columbus Street and Lake Shore Drive.

After the November 3rd AM rush hour, Columbus Drive will be closed between Congress Parkway and Roosevelt Street.

After the PM rush hour, the closure will extend as far north as Randolph.

Please note that residents may see additional rolling closures throughout the Central Business District from Tuesday afternoon thru Wednesday morning.

(Rolling closures are intermittent and temporary street closures used for motorcades as they travel on city streets. They are enacted for security purposes only.)


The Chicago Transit Authority will provide additional service and extend the hours of select bus and rail routes serving the Loop until 2 a.m. for individuals attending election night events downtown – including the Obama Grant Park rally – on Tuesday, November 4.

CTA will operate longer trains; provide additional bus service and later service to accommodate attendees. Temporary street closures in the vicinity of Grant Park may necessitate reroutes so customers should allow extra travel time.

In addition, due to potentially crowded conditions, bicycles will not be allowed on the rail system after 4:00 p.m. Tuesday until 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.


The November 4th event in Hutchinson Field is a ticketed event hosted by the Obama Campaign.

The site opens at 8:30 p.m. and ticketed residents have been asked to enter through either East Congress Parkway or East Jackson Boulevard.

Everyone coming into Hutchinson Field will be screened by event organizers and they have asked that residents refrain from bringing any bags, coolers, bottles, chairs, signs, banners or strollers into the park.

Request for Proposals

The best part of today’s installment in the Trib series on the Chicago zoning game comes at the end:

“After the committee hearing, [Hugh] Devlin approached project architect John Hanna outside the council chambers. He asked Hanna why he gave $3,000 to [Ald. Berny] Stone before last year’s hard-fought 50th Ward election, even though Hanna does not live in the ward.

“‘I get requests [for donations] all the time, from every alderman,’ Hanna responded.

“‘This money has a big effect on who represents my neighborhood here,’ said Devlin, a computer consultant who has lived in the ward since 1975.

“‘Politics is politics, you know?’ Hanna said. ‘Nice meeting you.'”

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BREAKING: Troutman Pleads Guilty

She defiantly proclaimed her innocence when charged last year, but today former Ald. Arenda Troutman pled guilty to mail fraud and income tax evasion charges.

This is the case in which she was famously captured on FBI wiretapes saying, “Well, the thing is, most politicians are hos.”

Here’s a Beachwood refresher.