Congressman O’Connor

The latest scuttlebutt about who will replace Rahm Emanuel in Congress centers on Fortieth Ward Ald. Patrick O’Connor, Mayor Daley’s floor leader. He sounds perfect for the job.

“O’Connor noted that the field is getting more crowded by the day,” the Sun-Times reports, “setting the stage for an open Democratic primary election.

“‘We, as political leaders in this congressional district, would be pretty poor leaders if we allow it to dissolve into something like that’.”

God forbid we let this dissolve into an open primary!

“This is an opportunity for all of us to be together, work together and come up with a candidate we can all support.”

Yes. Don’t mind us. You guys decide and let us know.


One response to “Congressman O’Connor

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    I’m stuck with O’Connor as my alderman.
    I’ll vote for him for Congress.
    I hope he wins because then we get a new alderman for the ward who might actually give a damn about the ward.
    O’Connor hasn’t cared about the ward for years since his failed primary for state’s attorney years ago.
    I heard his wife complaining to her sister-in-law on that election night “that our kids haven’t seen their father in months, he leaves at 6AM & gets home at midnight”. She was waiting outside while he gave a speech. I guess she had heard it enough times. In those days, there were far fewer cellphones, the cells were larger & my scanner could pick up both sides of the calls due to the software then in use by the cell companies. Alas, those days are gone!

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