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Hannity & Friends

If you are now tracking all the ways that the McCain campaign and its surrogates have become incredibly desperate, look no further than the appearance of Andy Martin as an expert commentator on Barack Obama in the Fox News special Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism. Yes, that Andy Martin.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s okay – no one outside of the small geek club of the city’s most obsessive political junkies ought to know who he is. But to those who do – or those who are about to learn for the first time – you’re reaction cannot be anything other than, What?!

Martin is infamous in Illinois political circles for being, well, infamous. In 2006, Scott Fornek of the Sun-Times wrote one of the all-time great political profiles by playing it straight with Martin in a piece with the headline “Longtime Election Loser Declares State In Crisis: Calls Questions On His Sanity ‘Flattering’ Sign He’s Challenging Society.”

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Mystery Convention Theater

Once again, Steve and Tim talk back to the TV.


TIM: “This year’s election is one of the most critical in our history.”

Has any politician ever said otherwise? “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some straight talk: this election won’t make any difference. I’m not even voting, and I’m running for president!” Maybe during that string of pre-Lincoln nobodies in the mid-19th C. (Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan).

STEVE: What’s funny is the election that didn’t figure to be “critical” turned out to be the most critical of all: 2000. Everything today flows from that one.


TIM: [Re: Daschle] “I recently was fortunate to meet with Pres. Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. He couldn’t pay his staff’s salaries. He couldn’t even pay to keep the lights on. No, he didn’t have much money. He barely had enough to survive. But when he came out on stage and he was ready to play, people came alive.”


TIM: “Chain of Fools:” Inspired choice, but I think I heard the original. “Five” (vs. “for eight long years / I thought you were my man”).

STEVE: I think they thought they were hearing “Change, Change, Change . . . “


TIM: “I’m Bill Clinton, and I am reporting for boo-tay!”

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