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Defensive Daley Disinforms

“Mayor Richard Daley today scoffed at complaints that next month’s increases in parking meter rates would affect people in many Chicago neighborhoods,” the Tribune reports.

“The mayor said there are ‘very few (meters) in the neighborhoods. It’s about 80 percent downtown – 80, 85 percent downtown in 2 or 3 wards. It’s not in the communities’.”


“In fact, of the city’s 34,264 metered spots, about 8,100 are in the 42nd and 2nd Wards that cover downtown. That’s only about one-fourth of them, not the four-fifths Daley claimed.”

Hey, no one said Daleyland was a reality-based community.

Good Night Sunshine

“Lou Piniella is on board with the Cubs’ plan to ask the city to relax its ordinance and allow games on Friday and Saturday nights at Wrigley Field,” the Tribune reports.

“Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney hopes to convince the city that flexibility in scheduling night games on weekends is needed to keep the players fresh and that concerns over neighborhood congestion are no longer relevant because of the influx of bars and restaurants in the 20 years since the ordinance was enacted.”

So let me see if I can restate this argument: What’s another 40,000 people when the neighborhood is already congested beyond repair?

“Since the Cubs often return from trips on Thursday nights, Piniella said the players would benefit with extra rest if they played at night on Friday or Saturday.

“‘A good example is Friday,’ Piniella said. ‘We had an afternoon game in Milwaukee on Thursday, and we get in late and have a day game on Friday.'”

True enough, but as Jim Coffman points out in his Beachwood Reporter column today, the visiting Pirates were coming into town from the road as well – and didn’t get to sleep in their own beds or play in their home park.

The Cubs have chipped away for years at the traditions – like day baseball – that have made the Cubs the Cubs. One day soon there will be no more day games, no more bleachers, no more rooftops, no more wind and no more sunshine. And then there might as well be no more Cubs.


A big change in Ald. Brendan Reilly’s office.

From: Jeff Riley []
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 5:50 PM
Subject: My Next Endeavor

I wanted to let you know that after a year as Alderman Brendan Reilly’s Chief of Staff and Policy Director, I have decided to return to my own public affairs and lobbying practice. Alderman Reilly had initially asked me for a one-year commitment to help as he reshaped the 42nd Ward and established a responsive and professional constituent office. Now with a great team in place (and having survived the first year!), the timing is right to return to building my own business.

I have an enormous amount of respect for Brendan and all that he has accomplished thus far as a hard-working, knowledgeable and progressive elected official. Over the years, Brendan and I have become good friends, having had the opportunity to work together on the Paul Vallas
campaign in addition to this past year. Going forward, I plan to continue to help in Brendan’s success and stay active in his organization.

Although not an easy decision, since I’ve enjoyed this job tremendously, I’m excited about the future. I will be transitioning over the next month if you need to contact me about any current matters. Thank for your assistance and support this past year, and I look forward to
working with you again.

– Jeff Riley

Neighborhood News

Via the Chicago Journal.

* “The future of Grand Avenue is in limbo with neighbors, business owners and the alderman in disagreement about whether the strip will go residential or industrial.”

Ald. Billy Ocasio (per Mayor Daley’s wishes) supports industrial and commercial development.

* “The Creative Community Study says that artists are leaving [Wicker Park-Bucktown] largely because of the lack of affordable housing.”

You mean there are still artists in Wicker Park?

* North Center bloggers settle with developer in defamation suit; $20,000 and an apology.

Your Community

The Community Media Workshop is an invaluable resource to stay abreast of grass-roots stories that often fly under the radar of the traditional media. Among its current news tips:

* “Logan Square residents will rally Saturday to ask Mayor Daley and Ald. Rey Colon (35th Ward) to reconsider the city’s rejection of a proposal for permanent supportive housing in a building that has been vacant for 18 years.”

* “The Kenwood Oakland Community Organization is hosting a legislative hearing on strengthening LSCs this Saturday, April 12 starting at 11:15 a.m. at Kennicott Park, 4434 S. Lake Park.”

* In a meeting with park advisory council leaders last Friday, the Chicago Park District backed off its controversial effort to implement stiff new guidelines for park volunteers and promised more consultation with the councils, reports John Paul Jones of Friends of the Parks.

* “Chicago area job growth is concentrated in municipalities with the lowest African American populations and the least affordable housing, according to a new Chicago Reporter analysis. The black unemployment rate in the Chicago area is five times the rate for whites.”