Baggage Handling

Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th) continues her campaign on behalf of coach passengers against American Airlines’s new baggage handling fee in a Sun-Times Op-Ed today, writing that “Singling out some people to pay more than others is just plain wrong.”

Um, maybe. But this is hardly the kind of issue Jackson was elected to the City Council to fight. In fact, it’s just plain weird. (On her website, she cites opposing the baggage fee as equivalent to opposing Mayor Daley’s tax increases.)

Is her husband, Jesse Jr., pulling the strings as part of his fight against foes of the Peotone airport? Mick Dumke points out at Clout City that the couple is running a coordinated campaign against the baggage fee.

I don’t like the fee any more than the next guy, but what’s next for our local power couple, boycotting American for a bigger bag of peanuts?


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