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Fight Far From Over!

Just released by Save Grant Park:

Fight over Children’s Museum Far from Over
City Council vote only Round One in a 15 Round Fight

CHICAGO – While expressing disappointment over the City Council’s decision to provide over $539 million in taxpayer subsidies for a children’s museum in Grant Park, opponent’s of the move say the fight is far from over. In addition to the current lawsuit against the city and several more that are planned, Save Grant Park says they will continue grassroots efforts to block construction of the Children’s Museum at Allstate Place.

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Astroturfing Grant Park

“[I]t seems that opposition to the proposal is being cultivated by misinforming the public,” a man named Howard Rosenburg writes in a letter to the Tribune. “Whether >Save Grant Park is deliberately misinforming people remains to be seen. Either way, people should be sure they are being provided accurate information about the proposal before taking a position.”

As noted in the second item of “The [Thursday] Papers“, Rosenburg has been outed by architectural blogger supreme Lynn Becker as well as by Tribune commenters as the husband of a Children’s Museum employee.

An astute reader points Division Street to another egregious example of non-disclosure.

“For background information, I currently live less than two blocks away from the location,” writes Anne Neri Kostiner. “If anyone does carefully examine the plan, they will see how the claims the opposition are making are either politically or personally motivated or they have not had the opportunity to visit the park to see how it will fit in and replace a dilapidated building which exists there now.”

Kostiner fails to tell readers for background information, though, that she is a member of the Community Development Commission – and that commission members are appointed by the very politically and personally motivated mayor.

Paging Timothy McNulty!

Kiddie Cocktails

Opponents of the proposal to move the Children’s Museum to Grant Park say the application filed by the museum with the city specifically allows for multiple restaurants with full liquor licenses on-site.

Whoa. That doesn’t sound right.

I haven’t seen a response yet, so read this with caution. But here’s an excerpt from the press release put out by Save Grant Park.


April 16, 2008 (CHICAGO) – Parents from across the city of Chicago are sounding off against plans to build a children’s museum in Grant Park that includes allowing full liquor sales in the museum as well as the surrounding area, and opens the door to additional buildings in an area the size of two football fields.

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