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Luis’s Folly

So Luis Gutierrez’s pitch to Rod Blagojevich to replace Barack Obama in the Senate was that he only wanted to serve as a place-holder for the next two years in order to work on immigration reform. Then he’d be out.

Um . . . huh?

Let’s do some good ol’ fashion speculatin’.

1. Face value is reality. Nah.

2. Face value is partially reality. Gutierrez wants two years in the Senate not only to work on immigration reform, but to raise his profile for his next move: mayor, governor, who knows.

3. Gutierrez thinks his wife will be able to make even more lucrative real estate deals on the side if he’s a senator instead of just a rep.

4. Gutierrez mistakenly believes that Obama’s Hyde Park mansion comes with the seat.

5. Gutierrez mistakenly believed that Blagojevich preferred a place-holder; his real intention was to run for re-election to the Senate in 2010 because the people would demand it.


Gas Guzzlers

WBBM-AM’s Bernie Tafoya reports that eight of Illinois’s 19 U.S. congressmen lease vehicles at taxpayer expense. Which, as it turns out, is perfectly legal.

Four of the eight congressmen named in the report represent districts that include Chicago:

* Bobby Rush, who, the report says, leases a 2007 Lincoln Navigator for $746/month and gets 12 miles per gallon city/17 mpg highway.

* Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who leases a 2007 Ford Expedition for $1161/month which gets 12 mpg city/18 mpg highway.

* Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who leases a 2006 Honda Civic hybrid for $366/month which gets 40 mpg city/45 mpg highway. (Good for him!)

* Rep. Danny Davis, who was leasing a Mercury Marquis for $265/month but was trading it in to lease a Saturn Vue.

(- story found via CapitolFaxBlog)

Superdelegate Dilemma

Atom geek Bill Foster’s victory over milk magnate Bill Oberweis in Illinois’s 14th congressional district this weekend was good news for Barack Obama: Foster becomes a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention already committed to the Illinois Senator, who also won the 14th district.

But how does U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s superdelegate support for Obama square with the Obama campaign’s call for backing “the will of the people” when Gutierrez’s Fourth District went for Hillary Clinton?