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End of the Road for Division Street

Dear Readers:

Division Street was an experiment – along with California Faultline in L.A. – by the good folks at NBC Universal. With the launch of new local sites such as NBCChicago.com, the NBC folks have decided to shut down Division Street and Faultline. In turn, I will be increasing my contributions to NBCChicago.com, including material that you might have otherwise found here, and of course you can still read me at The Beachwood Reporter. Thanks for reading me here, and I’ll see you there.


Please keep the hate mail to yourselves, Obamaphiles, and show a sense of humor. The campaign’s iconography has been so successful that it lends itself to this sort of thing – in this case, parody is indeed a form of flattery.

This one has been making the conservative rounds.

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