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O’Hare Wars

While the mayor was celebrating the opening of a new runway at O’Hare and fending off questions about the opposition of six airlines to his airport expansion program, foes of the plan ran a full-page ad in the Daily Herald. I had trouble wrestling the entire image into this post, so I’ll just provide you with the text.


Chicago has made many unchallenged public relations claims about Mayor Daley’s much ballyhooed “O’Hare Modernization Program” or “OMP”. But when one looks at the details it is quickly apparent that the public relations claims are mostly “hot air”.

The Aviation Benefit Claims are Bogus!

* The infamous “Western Access” – a one hour bus ride around the airport. Chicago admits that passengers with baggage, who use American Airlines and who park in the western parking lot, will face a one hour bus ride around the airport to get to the American terminal. Same goes for United passengers with baggage who land at Terminal 1. Imagine: $15-20 billion of your money for a Rube Goldberg design that eats up an additional hour of your time! That’s “modernization”?

* The 45 minute taxi ride from the Northern Runway to the United Terminal. Because Daley’s massive plan fails to fix a critical taxiway choke point on the northern side of the main terminal complex, FAA controllers anticipate major taxi delays in good weather (let alone bad weather) from the northern runway to the United terminal complex.

* Minor Delay reduction rapidly disappears. FAA’s own studies show that the new runway will not provide any significant long term delay relief.

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The O Line

DCist reports that the Metro in Washington intends to produce commemmorative Barack Obama “SmarTrip” cards.

“Metro spokesperson Steven Taubenkibel confirmed that the commemorative SmarTrip cards should be available for sale in early January, while special paper Metro farecards marking the inauguration will be sold somewhat earlier, in late December.”

Chicagoist suggests that the CTA one-up the Washington Metro by relabeling all Orange Line signage with the familiar “O” logo of Obama’s campaign.

Penny’s Thoughts

Penny Pritzker tells Lynn Sweet that she is will not be the next Commerce Secretary. Several news organizations, citing “sources,” reported overnight that she was President-Elect Obama’s choice for the post.

Perhaps this explains the turnabout: The most popular post on Sweet’s page as of this writing is “Obama’s Billionaire Finance Chair Penny Pritzker’s Failed Bank Lost Money For 1,400,” from last April. The sixth most popular post is “The Power of Penny Pritzker: Bloomberg’s Inside Look At Obama’s Finance Chair,” from August.

In any case, the leak-proof Obama campaign seems to be a thing of the past, no? By design as his transition team practices the art of the trial balloon? Or the inevitable result of an expanded loop of those in-the-know?

MoveOn Keeps Moving On

The various facets of Barack Obama’s organization are moving into a new mode. Here’s an example of how MoveOn intends to press its agenda.

Dear MoveOn member,

Hi! I’m Joel, one of your neighbors in Chicago. Like so many others, I’ve been savoring Obama’s historic victory – and I want to make sure we keep the momentum going!

So on Thursday, 11/20, I’m hosting a “Fired Up and Ready to Go” gathering for everyone in the area who wants to keep this campaign going–and you’re invited!

MoveOn is organizing these all around the country. The plan is to kick off a big campaign to help Obama pass bold, progressive changes. We’re going to get started organizing locally to make sure Congress feels pressure to work with Obama on his key initiatives. And we’re going to brainstorm about what else we can do.

I’m hopeful that Obama’s going to push for real change on the economy, the climate crisis, health care, and the war. But there’s no way he can do it without millions of us by his side.

And that starts right here in his home town, Chicago! So please come to my gathering and bring a friend – we’re fired up and ready to go!

Here are the details:
“Fired Up and Ready to Go” Gathering
Host: Joel F—fellow MoveOn member
Where: North and Halsted (in Chicago)
When: Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008, at 6:30 PM

Can you come? Click here to RSVP.

Hope to see you there!

Obama Ephemera

1. I know there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth over the Obama team’s intensive vetting process, but just because you wrote something stupid on a Facebook page doesn’t mean you won’t get your dream job, it just means the incoming administration wants to know about it in advance.

2. “Without a doubt, Barack Obama creamed John McCain when it came to links,” Search Engine Watch reports in “Obama’s Link Strategy Fuels Election Victory.”

3. Obama won the T-shirt wars too.

4. Don’t blame Anchower.

5. The final stats on statements by Obama vetted by Politifact:

* True: 49
* Mostly True: 31
* Half True: 33
* Barely True: 19
* False: 25
* Pants on Fire: 2

By McCain:

* True: 30
* Mostly True: 28
* Half True: 28
* Barely True: 27
* False: 34
* Pants on Fire: 7

Media Merger

I know it’s just RedEye, but still.

Ayers Airs

Crain’s is reporting that Bill Ayers will appear live on Good Morning America on Friday.