Obama Elementary

Richard Roeper thinks it’s “ridiculous” that the school board in Hempstead, New York, has voted unanimously to change the name of Ludlum Elementary School to Obama Elementary.

Eriz Zorn disagrees. “Normally I’m an advocate for the Hall of Fame rule – that we wait five years after a famous person retires, leaves office or dies before naming anything after him. But this is not a normal situation. Obama has already, inarguably, become one of the most famous, important Chicagoans of all time.”

But enough about us. What do the folks in New York think?

“Um… shouldn’t we wait a bit before we start renaming things after Obama. Its like naming your school Eliot Spitzer elementary school after he got elected governor,” says one commenter on Gothamist.

“Could you imagine a school doing this for Richard Nixon in 1972? You might want to wait there, kids, just in case,” says another.

The change is effective immediately, Newsday reports, even though new signs aren’t ready yet.

And this is just the start.

“The Clear Stream Avenue School in Valley Stream, N.Y., also on Long Island, will consider a renaming resolution in December,” AP reports. “Students at the Clark K-8 At Binnsmead school in Portland, Ore., are seeking to rename it after Obama. And the prime minister of the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has said he wants its Boggy Peak renamed Mount Obama.”


Here’s the website for the elementary school formerly known as Ludlum.


“We wonder why our children do not know our local histories, because many of us don’t know it to teach it and in this rush to teach to the test mentality very few schools teach anything about local history,” Glass City Jungle says in “Throwing Dr. Ludlum Under The Bus.”

“Most elementary school students would look at the picture of Dr. Charles Ludlum and think he’s not cool, especially compared to Barack Obama, but when you do just a small amount of digging on the internet, without the Ludlum Family that part of New York may have well been very different.”


4 responses to “Obama Elementary

  1. Wow, instant name change. It’s like instant coffee. You think you need a jolt, but once you’ve tasted it you realize you should have waited for the coffee to perk.

  2. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    I’m waiting for the first person to say we should rename Chicago, Cook County or even Illinois after Obama.
    You know someone will!
    And anyone opposed will be called a racist. Which is how we ended up with Stroger Hospital, named after a crook!

  3. Oh so what. The school was named after somebody that nobody really knew anything about anymore. If they could change the name of the school in a heartbeat, they can change it again in a heartbeat should Obama do something heinous. A community College in Alabama is still named after George Wallace and everybody knows that he was on the wrong side of history. I think if the children and other town folk wanted to commemorate this historic – and it is historic – event, so be it. It’s not really hurting anybody.

  4. yea thats my school that got renamed into the barrack obama elmetry school

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