Obama Ephemera

1. I know there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth over the Obama team’s intensive vetting process, but just because you wrote something stupid on a Facebook page doesn’t mean you won’t get your dream job, it just means the incoming administration wants to know about it in advance.

2. “Without a doubt, Barack Obama creamed John McCain when it came to links,” Search Engine Watch reports in “Obama’s Link Strategy Fuels Election Victory.”

3. Obama won the T-shirt wars too.

4. Don’t blame Anchower.

5. The final stats on statements by Obama vetted by Politifact:

* True: 49
* Mostly True: 31
* Half True: 33
* Barely True: 19
* False: 25
* Pants on Fire: 2

By McCain:

* True: 30
* Mostly True: 28
* Half True: 28
* Barely True: 27
* False: 34
* Pants on Fire: 7


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