Classified Obama

On Saturday the Tribune took a half-page in its sports section and gathered together a bunch of classified ads folks had bought congratulating Barack Obama. Here are the highlights:

Congratulations Mr. President! “You Barack Our World!!” From your amigos in “Tinley Pork”


BARACK THE NATION. From Trendz Beauty Salon Thursday Night Crew, Jacksonville, Florida


Congratulations from Allen County, Ohio!!!


Dear President Obama,

I’m 2, and your most faithful supporter. When asked who the next president would be, I would smile and yell out “Barack Obama!” My mom and I sat together most nights to watch your political coverage on TV, the debates, and your speeches. More importantly, I was allowed to stay up WAY past my bedtime just so we could watch you win!! Congratulations to you! You are an inspiration to us all. Please make this world better and safer for me so that one day I can do the same. God Bless!

Sohan Sharma


Waited all my life to be part of history, to see an African American become President. God Bless you. Dedicated to Ernest Clay & other members of the family. From Mary Clay of Bolton, Mississippi.


For Baruch, my son, born Aug. 5, 1982, Sasha, Malia, and all the children.

Our great-grandparents picked cotton, grandparents ironed and cleaned, mothers and fathers marched and fought. And today we stood up for change so that the vision of hope and dream of freedom can now be recognized. Many blessings forever be with you and your family. I expect you will lead our country fearlessly and courageously, with the thought of each person’s best interest at heart.


Congratulations Barack!!!!! We believe in you! Justin “Big Daddy” Melendez


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