Searching for Sarah

Here are the top 10 searches involving the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the four weeks ending Sept. 27, according to Hitwise.

1. sarah palin
2. sarah palin biography
3. sarah palin pictures
4. sarah palin photos
5. tina fey sarah palin
6. sarah palin bio
7. sarah palin hot photos
8. sarah palin affair
9. sarah palin hot
10. sarah palin interview

1. joe biden
2. joe biden biography
3. senator joe biden
4. joe biden wife
5. joe biden voting record
6. slow joe biden
7. joe biden gaffe
8. joe biden on gay marriage
9. joe biden bobblehead
10. joe biden age

1. john mccain
2. john mccain biography
3. john mccain for president
4. john mccain bio
5. john mccain’s first wife
6. john
7. senator john mccain
8. john mccain+contact
9. john mccain issues
10. john mccain acceptance speech

1. barack obama
2. barack obama biography
3. barack obama website
4. barack obama t-shirts
5. barack obama
6. barack obama news
7. barack obama muslim
8. barack obama quotes
9. facts about barack obama
10. barack hussein obama

Source: Advertising Age Search Marketing Fact Book 2008


One response to “Searching for Sarah

  1. I find it hard to believe that “sarah palin + porno” is not on that list.

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