Field Notes: Indonesia

Relayed to Division Street from a loyal reader:

On Wednesday morning I went to the Obama house before the neon gets fitted and the coach park installed. Very nice area but they rented a small outbuilding. Perhaps it will be a stable in the movie. The owner of the house having declined to sell to some retired general who wanted to commercialise it suddenly died on Monday. Journalists are a sniffing. Then I went to his school. They have not forgotten Fox New reporting it as a madrassa. The world’s media and me was there. I was with a friend who is a BBC journalist and I assumed he talked our way in. He told me later he never mentioned the BBC and they simply unlocked the gate when they saw me the white man arrive. Just as it should be. I was brought down to earth later when I had the honour of being shoved out of the way by an Al Jazeera cameraman. The kids erupted when he won but I suspect they think one of their own wins the presidency now and then. When I was that age we were bundled into the school hall to watch the moon landings but I never realised it was an unique event. I later saw that the BBC gave us about 15 seconds. CNN covered the Kenya connection where Saint Barry never even lived.

The head of the school asked the us embassy for posters of Obama but they refused unless he took McCain as well. The school was not so neutral. The local paper reported that for a week before the election the kids were allowed 15 minutes a day to pray for an OB victory.


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