Olympic Hurdles

While Chicago reporters and pundits gleefully assume a President Obama increases the chances of the city winning the 2016 Olympics – as well as assuming that would be a good thing despite a mountain of evidence arguing otherwise – the frequently quoted outfit that calls itself “the original and most trusted formula for rating Olympic bids” just dropped Chicago from first to third in its rankings.

“Despite this week’s historic U.S. election victory by Barack Obama who has close ties to the city – Chicago’s bid fell to third behind Rio de Janeiro,” GamesBids states. “While President-elect Obama will certainly be a valuable asset to the Chicago bid team, it’s too early to determine whether his politics or involvement in the bid will have a significant impact on the final vote next October.”

Patrick Sandusky, the spokesman for Chicago 2016, noted that it’s too early to tell if a President Obama will be able to attend the bid election in Copenhagen next year.

“He is an ardent supporter of our bid, he has attended rallies and been involved in films – he has been a backer from the get-go”, Sandusky told GamesBids. “[But] there are no immediate plans for Obama to be involved in any presentations.”

According to the GamesBids’ formula, Tokyo and Rio are now ahead of Chicago in the competition.


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