Riot Patrol

* A popular Chicago police blog, Second City Cop, is reporting an unprecedented amount of traffic today – apparently because of a post called “Riot Survival for Dummies.”

* A Chicago-area man with an assault rifle and a “laptop computer in the vehicle was open to a YouTube page about possible rioting by African Americans if Obama won today’s presidential election” has been arrested, the Sun-Times is reporting.


One response to “Riot Patrol

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    I was reading SCC last night on this.
    I check it out about once a week.
    The cops that post there are basically idiots. They hate everyone, but especially Daley, who they always call “shortshanks”.
    They also hate Weis, just because he’s not one of them. They can’t seem to figure out that the reason the Chicago PD is such a mess is because of the old boys in blue network that’s allowed so many unqualified, incompetent or just violent cops to get on the force.
    Interestingly, there is the occasional, grudging respect for the NYPD, which certainly looks like a far more professional & well run unit than ours. When I watch ours in action on the street or listen on my scanner, I’m often amazed at their incompetence.
    The question is: are the majority of our cops this stupid?

    But I’ve picked up some things from reading it:
    1. They can’t spell! I’ve never seen so many spelling errors from commenters except from the racist, lunatic, wing-nuts on the Free Republic comment boards.
    2. The amount of misinformation is astounding!
    Such as taping an “X” across the side windows of their police cars to prevent it from shattering if a rock is thrown at it.
    3. The constant advocating of blatantly illegal activities, such as removing their star numbers from their helmets, using colored tape to alter the number on their squad cars, beating up people & just letting the city burn if there’s a riot tonight!
    4. They almost all want the city’s ban on handgun ownership to end. I’m not sure if it’s because they believe it will help control crime or if it would be a good excuse to use if they shoot someone in their own home. Then they could argue that there was a gun pointed at them!

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