Field Notes: Arlington Heights

From Nikki Golden:

Apparently, I was the only one in line waiting at 6 this morning who was not surprised by the fact that there was a line because of large turnout. The conversations around me were more than ridiculous about how shocked everyone was about the wait. The woman directly behind me thought she would get to work by 7 AM when she came out to vote this morning. Apparently, these people have amnesia from the last time they voted in a presidential election, as I have never NOT waited in a line to vote when voting for president.

There were concerns that the wait was caused by the election officials “not being organized.” It really took all my control not to smack people. My husband – who doesn’t vote at the same time as me because it annoys him that I won’t use the electronic ballot – was there about 45 minutes after me, and the conversation around him was the same, although at that time the line seemed to be moving faster.

There were also two people who had chairs out DIRECTLY on the blue line the city had spray-painted on the sidewalk at the point where you can’t campaign any closer. They were handing out literature, apparently with the hopes of making up the minds of the people who went to vote thinking they’d have enough time waiting in line to make up their minds. Personally, I felt sort of the same as I do with people standing on street corners hoping to convert me to their religion. If my mind is that easily swayed, do you really want me on your side?


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