Con-Con Controversy

More Con-Con shenanigans? This morning I wrote this in my Beachwood Reporter column:

“I almost missed voting on the Con-Con referendum. After I thought I had completed my voting, I wondered where the Con-Con question was. I even thought it was missing. Then I found it at the very beginning of the ballot, right where I was instructed to ‘Start Voting Here.’

“It was shaded in blue, though, almost like a space for official use only or instructions. My guess is others will miss it too – and not go back looking for it.”

Cate Plys sends me this message:

“Bad news, you DID miss the con-con question. I, too, completed the question in blue at the very beginning – but that was just an example. I realized that when I got to the very bottom and found the real Con-Con question, which I almost didn’t see. Wonder if they did that on purpose? I checked with the election staff and they confirmed that the blue one was just an example. I checked with them because I was afraid filling out the sample one would ruin the ballot.”

You know, that was a vote I really cared about.


6 responses to “Con-Con Controversy

  1. Now I’m wondering whether I filled it in wrong, too.

    We did receive a separate sheet with the correct wording for what we were voting on, so I didn’t really pay attention to the actual box outside of filling in the connecting arrows.

  2. divisionstreet

    You know, I didn’t get a sheet. I think I was supposed to, but I personally didn’t need it. But I bet a lot of other folks did.

  3. I think Cate Plys is mistaken. Here is the ballot I filled out. The question at the end is specifically about a constitutional amendment to establish a recall procedure and doesn’t mention a convention. There is nothing about the convention question at the beginning that to indicate that it is an example (aside from the color).

    Of course, perhaps other ballots were printed differently.

  4. divisionstreet

    Rich Miller has instructions for what to do if you weren’t handed a notice about the Con-Con referendum:

  5. divisionstreet


    The recall question was at the end of my ballot too. Hmmm.

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