Ayers Speaks

“Ayers has avoided reporters since he became an election talking-point, scratch-pole, and general sensation,” Lynn Sweet reports. “But now he answered the door of his three-story rowhouse, and I came to join the discussion.

“Ayers is sixty-four and has earrings in both ears. He wore jeans and Riley t-shirt – Riley the kid from Doonesbury. The day was fall-bright and 50th Street was filled with fallen gold leaves.Ayers waved to neighbors and kids as they went by on the sidewalk. He was, for the first time in a long time, in an expansive mood, making clear that in all the months his name has been at the forefront of the campaign, he and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn – ex-leaders of the Weather Underground and longtime educators and activists in the community – have been watching a lot of cable television, not least Fox.”


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