West Winging It

The New York Times reported this week on the supposedly eerie similarities between the final plot line on The West Wing and this year’s presidential campaign. Frankly, I had heard the same thing from Bob, the proprietor with his brother of the Beachwood Inn, weeks before. But it was nice to see the Times validate Bob.

“[T]he writers of The West Wing are watching in amazement as the election plays out,” the Times wrote. “The parallels between the final two seasons of the series (it ended its run on NBC in May 2006) and the current political season are unmistakable. Fiction has, once again, foreshadowed reality.”

Well, it just so happens I chanced upon a rerun from the fourth season (2002) called “Election Night” this week. My favorite piece of dialogue, of course, was this one, right after the President and Abbey Bartlet cast their re-election votes:

REPORTER: How are you spending the rest of the day?

ABBEY: Filling out Chicago ballots; just pitching in.


One response to “West Winging It

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Except that the ending wasn’t the one that was planned.
    Alan Alda’s character, Arnold Vinnick was supposed to win, but when John Spencer, who played Leo McGarry, the chief of staff died in the last season of the show, the ending was changed to have Jimmy Smits’ character win.

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