The Man Behind The Smile

We may not know much about Barack Obama’s medical records, but we do know who is reportedly responsible for the shine of his irresistible smile: veteran Michigan Avenue toothsmith Richard DiVerde.

Bill Zwecker got the scoop last week (last item), though it turns out that some outfit called Upscale TV was on the case back in February.

DiVerde’s “Dental Studio” is at 30 N. Michigan Ave. and appears to boast a view of Millennium Park. Hmmm. I wonder if he’s the mayor’s dentist; Richard M. Daley reportedly got the idea for Millennium Park while sitting in a dentist’s chair looking out over the old railroad yard that used to be there.

At any rate, DiVerde appears to be an expert in “cosmetic dentistry” and seems like a shoo-in to me for a reality TV show – or at least a White House appointment.


One response to “The Man Behind The Smile

  1. But who does Biden’s teeth? They’re the ones that are truly hypnotic. I find them actually distracting when I see him speak.

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