Confidence Building just sent out an e-mail to its members with the subject line “Operation Landslide.” Folks are feeling pretty good on the Obama side of the ledger here in the home stretch.

Here’s the e-mail:

To create the bold, progressive change America needs, a narrow victory isn’t enough.

We need a landslide.

The polls are shifting our way. And even though we can’t take anything for granted, it’s worth all of us asking ourselves: if we really do have a shot at a once-in-a-generation, history-changing election, how hard are we willing to work?

Here’s one thing you can do right now to help produce a landslide: grab your phone, click this link, and spend a few minutes calling MoveOn members in swing states and asking them to volunteer.

These calls are quick and easy to make, even if you’ve never called before. We’ve heard from MoveOn members in swing states that these calls are often all it takes to get them out to Obama offices to volunteer. In just a few minutes, you can generate hours and hours of vote-winning volunteer energy, right where it counts.

Remember Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy? Remember Obama’s speech in 2004, declaring that there are no red states and blue states? This could be the year that we redraw the political map. That we turn Colorado, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida blue. This economic crisis is reminding us that we’re all in this together – and if we rise to the moment, we could create the kind of political tidal wave that makes real, deep change possible.

And here’s something else worth keeping in mind: you can’t steal a landslide.


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