Hoosier Wars

Barack Obama barely almost eeked out a primary victory in Indiana over Hillary Clinton, thanks to the returns from Gary. The state is still in play – the Real Clear Politics average has McCain up 47.8 percent to 45.4 percent – but the Obama campaign has an advantage in its ability to turn out ground forces from Illinois, where they won’t be needed, by simply driving them in across the border.

That’s the idea behind this e-mail appeal sent out by the Obama campaign today. Note the mandatory references to “pundits, naysayers and cynics” that David Axelrod seems to have mandated be included in every e-mail appeal, as well as a reference to how much money John McCain and the GOP are pouring into the campaign – as if Obama’s pockets aren’t beyond stuffed.

Election Day is just 33 days away. That’s not a lot of time.

And you live right near a crucial general election battleground state – Indiana.

In the last few weeks, the landscape on the ground here in Indiana has shifted dramatically.

The pundits, naysayers, and cynics say we have an uphill battle, but supporters here in Indiana have helped build a powerful grassroots organization that has already changed politics in the Hoosier state. And now, John McCain and the Republican National Committee are about to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into negative TV ads in Indiana.

Now more than ever we need your support to help reach out to undecided voters and spread Barack’s message of change.

Obama supporters from neighboring states are playing a crucial role in Indiana. It’s up to supporters like you – the ones who have grown this movement from the ground up – to talk to Indiana voters about the change we need.

Sign up to Drive for Change to Indiana and help Barack and Democrats up and down the ticket.

The failed Bush-McCain economic policies have hit Indiana families especially hard, leaving Hoosiers with the highest unemployment in 21 years, more jobs outsourced overseas, falling home values, and gas prices at all-time highs.

But John McCain is only calling for more of the same disastrous policies.

Hoosiers need to hear Barack’s message of change, and we are depending on your help to tell them about the real choice in this election.

Face-to-face contact with undecided voters is one of the most effective ways to help build this campaign for change.

Join us for the Drive for Change and help make a big difference in Indiana.

No prior experience is required. Staff will provide you with everything you need.

We can’t do this without you.


Rachel Haltom-Irwin
General Election Director
Indiana Campaign for Change


6 responses to “Hoosier Wars

  1. Watch Lake County – Rudy Clay, the Mayor of Gary, has much, much, much at stake. This will be an ACORN flooded battleground in the next two weeks. The days of Mayor Bob Pastrick’s control are long gone – now it is ‘community activists’ and astroroots with the footsoldiers – SEIU will be heavy here as well.


  2. “And now, John McCain and the Republican National Committee are about to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into negative TV ads in Indiana.”

    This is a way of saying that McCain and the RNC are putting a lot of effort into winning Indiana. Where do you get this as a double standard on Obama’s part? What’s the point of continuing to beat the drum of Obama’s appearance vs. reality. He’s the Democratic nominee and the person to vote for if we don’t want to continue letting Republicans run the country.

  3. John Coctostan

    What Ferdy said. And you don’t even have your facts straight. Hillary won the Indiana primary.

  4. divisionstreet

    My mistake. The “barely” was supposed to be an “almost” and I’ve made the correction. But here’s the thing: Am I only supposed to write pro-Barack and anti-McCain pieces? This is a Chicago political blog, and I cover the Chicago candidate. You can go to plenty of other places to get your fill of anti-McCain diatribes or pro-Obama propaganda. My job is not to reinforce your impressions and make you feel good about yourself. I find it curious that the same readers who want me to lay off Obama don’t have a problem with me criticizing the mayor or the governor on an almost daily basis. My job isn’t to help Obama win; I am a journalist, not a Democrat. Obama is a big part of my beat here – almost exclusively through the election – and my job is to call out the b.s. coming from his campaign and in the media, just like it would be with any other candidate. If Iived in Arizona, I’d be writing about McCain. And on occasion, when I have something unique to offer, I write positively about Obama. Here’s a recent example:


    Just once I’d like an Obama supporter to challenge me on the facts instead of out of the sense that somehow I have an ideological or hometown duty to write favorably about him.

  5. John Coctostan

    I should clarify that when I wrote what Ferdy said, I was agreeing with her point that you seemed to be trying too hard to make O seem hypocritical. I mean, is Mac pouring lots of money into Indiana? Check. Is it likely to be a bunch of negative ads? Check. I miss how this appeal is hypocritical. Even those who don’t worship at the Church of Obama are not offended by a Democrat who knows how to organize, raise money and is determined to fight. Quite the contrary. (And there’s nothing inherently wrong with negative ads either, as long as they are accurate.)

    On the rest, I agree with your stance, and the Sept 1 piece, which I had not seen, is spot on in its analysis of O’s potential but also those limitations which will rudely shock many O supporters.
    But more often you just come across as too glib, too knee-jerk in your condemnations of our O. That’s the point Ferdy was making. You stretch too hard. Example: Saying that O and Palin are equally unqualified . In doing so, you just take the argument of Daily Kos-style screechers, namely that Palin hasn’t been in office long, and flip it around. Why not develop a real argument? Just looking at someone’s resume doesn’t give you a very good idea of what kind of president they would be. Palin’s big problem is not her short time as governor, but that she is apparently an ignoramus. (It’s not sexist to point that out, either.) Why else would the campaign hide her from the press? That a 44-year-old governor can’t show some level of mastery of even domestic political issues after years in public life tells you something about Palin. She is not a substantial person and probably never will be no matter how many years she is governor. O, on the other hand, is a substantial person, even if he has only been in the Senate a short time. Check the story written by the editor of the Jeruselum Post after he met with O and Mac to discuss peace efforts. I mean, O just knew the whole Is.-Pales. issue cold and made a big impression, while Mac, after 26 years or whatever in the Congress, was gasping for air, even with Lieberman sitting by his side as a helper.
    Saying Palin and O are equally unqualified was simplistic, but that’s your strategy most of the time, and that’s what many find irritating, not criticism of Obama per se.

  6. divisionstreet

    Um, this item wasn’t intended to show hypocrisy on Obama’s part. What would that hypocrisy be? It was only to show that the campaign was mobilizing to send organizers across the border – and that the campaign is well-positioned to do so because armies of supporters in Illinois won’t be needed here. So methinks you protest too much.

    As for the rest, well, I don’t think you’ve been reading me much. Far from knee-jerk reactions and stretches, I’ll put my research and reporting against any reporter’s in America. You might want to look at the Obamathon collection on Beachwood Reporter for starters.

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