South Side Bailout Blues

Democratic talking heads – as well as party leaders such as John Kerry – were all over television on Tuesday pointing to the failed bailout vote in the House as evidence that John McCain didn’t even have enough clout within his own ranks to deliver on legislation, much less the ability to lead a nation.

I’m not sure Dems will want to go down that road, because by that measure, Barack Obama wasn’t even able to deliver his own state.

Four of 11 House Democrats from Illinois voted against the bill – including fellow South Siders Jesse Jackson Jr. and Bobby Rush.

Jackson, in fact, is a close friend of Obama’s and a national campaign co-chairman. Yet he was one of the more forceful speakers against the bill.

“This bill is simply a band aid not a cure for the financial crisis, and it does little for the hard-working Americans who will pay for it,” Jackson said in a statement. “It does not go far enough in addressing the systemic and terminal problems of our financial system. It further privatizes profits and socializes the losses.”

Rush, who supports Obama but clearly still has a distaste for the man who not only once challenged him for his House seat but whom he saw as a snooty opportunist in the state senate, said in a statement that the bailout bill was “a $700 billion financial earmark for Wall Street.”

Here’s the entire roll call.


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