Cruise Control

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd suggested on Sunday that Barack Obama blew his chance to play Tom Cruise to John McCain’s Jack Nicholson ala A Few Good Men during Friday’s debate, but Division Street contributor Tim Willette suggests a better analogy lies in
another Cruise movie, Top Gun, featuring the bold, risky, dangerous and instinctive Maverick squaring off against the cool, cerebral, by-the-book rules-follower Iceman.

I mean, didn’t the debate go something like this?

Obama: You two really are cowboys.

McCain: What’s your problem, Barack?

Obama: You’re everyone’s problem. You’re unsafe. I don’t like
you because you’re dangerous.

McCain: That’s right, Barack! I am dangerous.


3 responses to “Cruise Control

  1. Maureen Dowd needs a date. However, using words like Lacunae is very cool. ‘She can’t handle the Rubes.’

  2. This was before Maverick’s reckless flying cost Goose his life. Will McCain fly through jet wash, and can Palin eject without smashing her head on the canopy on the way out?

    Good parallel. But as I recall, Iceman won the Top Gun trophy…

  3. This just in – Air-brushed Mo Dowd dumped from McCain Plane!

    Air-Brushed Mo, who looks liek Dorian Gray’s portrait in the ‘For Real?’ is reportedly banned from Plane McCain!
    This from Ari at Firdoglake

    Howard Kurtz drops this tidbit into his column:

    The company may have been more pleasant than that of McCain aides, who have barred Dowd from the candidate’s plane.

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