For Treasury Secretary

Maybe we should put this guy in charge – he seems to know where all the government’s money is.


6 responses to “For Treasury Secretary

  1. He doesn’t seem to know how to find a matching pair of socks however.

  2. OK, that was funny! Thanks.

  3. Dedicated follower of Fashion – in a Warner Bros. Cartoon!

    The Cat must be knock the Talent dead in the Viagra Triangle. Jack, That Cat is Clean!

  4. FINALLY! Someone found the revitalized new millennium’s version of the Joker to rep our economy….HUMOR! BRING IT ON!

  5. I have a feeling, however, that after spending 5 minutes with this guy, you’d want to beat him about the head and neck with a penny-filled sock.

  6. Just read the blog at for clues to where the money is. Leave the penny filled socks at home please

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