Campaign Suspense

McCain Suspending Campaign, Wants Debate Delayed.”

Says he and Obama should go to Washington to help solve the nation’s fiscal crisis.

Good idea – it just doesn’t go far enough. Let’s have them suspend the rest of the entire campaign, go back to Washington to do their jobs, and let us vote in November in peace.


One response to “Campaign Suspense

  1. I think that McCain was trying to evade several of the questions and just kept saying that Senator Obama didn’t understand.

    I believe that senator Obama had stronger responses to the questions and remained focused on the answers to the questions rather than to belittle his opponent.

    Why when Senator Biden was interviewed and Sarah Palin was invited, she declined. Are the republicans afraid to let her be interviewed consistently because they don’t feel that she is competent to express her views.
    I wonder if John McCain had a heart attack and died this week, how many republicans would want Sarah to run for the presidency in November, or would they quickly select a replacement for the president slot and still keep her in the vice-presidential position? It would be interesting to hear the response from several of the top republican powers.

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