Johnny Blago

The governor appeared to have laid the groundwork on Friday for what his defense will be should he ever stand trial in the ongoing federal investigation that snared Tony Rezko.

“I have a theory on what happened in the Rezko situation,” he said, according to the Sun-Times. “A system, you know, sucked him in and then some lines were crossed and then that person found himself actually violating some of the rules.”

So, you know, Rezko was just sucked in to a system. Poor guy. And then lines were crossed. He found himself actually violating rules. The passivity is killing me.

“Nothing I ever did ever crossed the line,” Blagojevich added.

And that’s what I bet he’ll say under oath.


One response to “Johnny Blago

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Based on my pulling together various media accounts of Blago & his misdeeds, here’s what I think will happen:
    Fitzgerald will wait until after the election for all the indictments. He doesn’t want to be accused of politics, Obama has said Fitz can stay here, but I’ll bet he would be a top Justice Dept official in either an Obama or McCain administration, a bit of bipartisanship for Obama.
    Maybe even AG!
    Note that it’s plural.
    It looks like they have enough to get Patti Blagojevich on stuff involving her real estate deals, she seems to have been sloppy in separating her personal & business income. So look for the US Attorney’s office to indict her also to try to get him to deal.
    She pleads guilty & gets probation, possibly even a short stay of a few months in prison, stays home & take care of the kids & he goes to Club Fed for a few years. If she goes away first, he takes care of the kids.
    They’ve done that sort of deal with at least one other couple here.
    It’s just a theory!

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