Chicago’s Pundits Have Spoken

Who Chicago’s commentariot are voting for, as discerned by a Division Street Labs analysis of their work. Denials and/or confirmations welcome – as are arguments. If I’ve missed anyone who should be on this list, let me know at or leave a comment.

John Kass: McCain
Eric Zorn: Obama
Mary Schmich: Obama
Dawn Turner Trice: Obama
Clarence Page: Obama

Steve Chapman: Undetermined
Steve Johnson: Obama
Julia Keller: Obama
Phil Rosenthal: Obama
Dennis Byrne: McCain
Bruce Dold: McCain

Mark Brown: Obama
Richard Roeper: Obama
Neil Steinberg: Obama
Mary Mitchell: Obama
Stella Foster: Obama
Andrew Greeley: Obama
Michael Sneed: McCain
Cathleen Falsani: Obama
Teresa Puente: Obama
Lynn Sweet: Undetermined
Carol Marin: Obama
Tom McNamee: Obama
Brad Spirrison: Obama
Deborah Douglas: Obama
Steve Huntley: McCain
Laura Washington: Obama
Robert Novak: McCain
Roger Ebert: Obama

Rich Miller: Obama
Kristen McQueary: Undetermined
Phil Kadner: Obama
Phil Ponce: Obama
Joel Weisman: Undetermined
Richard Babcock: Obama
David Mendell: Obama
Alison True: Obama
Mike Flannery: Obama
Andy Shaw: Obama
Phil Rogers: Obama
Dane Placko: Obama
Jack Conaty: Obama
Carlos Hernandez Gomez: Obama
Jay Levine: Obama
Mary Ann Ahern: Obama
Allison Payne: Obama
Cliff Kelley: Obama
Tom Roeser: McCain
Santita Jackson: Obama

Kathy O’Malley: Obama
Judy Markey: Obama
Don Wade: McCain
Roma Wade: McCain
Roe Conn: Undetermined
Spike O’Dell: McCain
Milt Rosenberg: McCain
Bruce Dumont: McCain
Rick Kogan: Obama Undetermined

Ben Joravsky: Undetermined Obama
Mick Dumke: Obama
Whet Moser: Obama
Michael Miner: Obama
Tom Bevan: McCain


Obama: 44
McCain: 13
Undetermined: 6

FYI: I am not voting for either Obama or McCain.


5 responses to “Chicago’s Pundits Have Spoken

  1. My God! Obama has the election in the bag!

    He had the Media in the bag! Imagine what it looks like in that bag if we all really shook up a good one?

    What else Obama got in that bag?

  2. I’m not sure about Zorn — he seems kind of on the fence.

  3. John Coctostan

    I’ll add one.
    Steve Rhodes: Ralph Nader

  4. divisionstreet

    Not true. While I like a lot of what Nader has to say, I believe he’s marginalized himself by running for president since 2004. I do post some Nader material on the Beachwood Reporter – just as I post Bob Barr material. That’s because I believe our political discourse should be expanded beyond the narrow silliness and stranglehold of the two major parties. My current plan is to write in Bob, one of the co-owners of the Beachwood Inn.

  5. Sound Policy, Steve, sound. Politics, Religion and Baseball may be eschewed, but the Man tapping the Golden Stuff is essential.

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