Obama’s Springfield

“When Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president from the steps of the Old State Capitol, he described Springfield as the crucible where he learned the art of politics and bridging division,” John Patterson writes in the Daily Herald.

“‘It was here in Springfield where I saw all that is America converge,’ he told a crowd of thousands that frigid February day in 2007. ‘It was here where we learned to disagree without being disagreeable. That it is possible to compromise so long as you know those principles that can never be compromised. And that so long as we are willing to listen to each other we can assume the best in people instead of the worst.’

“One has to wonder today what Springfield Obama was talking about.”

A) The Springfield of David Axelrod’s imagination.
B) Bizarro Springfield, where Obama was a transformative figure.
C) The Springfield where the Simpsons live.


2 responses to “Obama’s Springfield

  1. I say he never set foot in Springfield.

  2. There is no real reason to.

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