Daley’s Uneven Bars

While Richard M. Daley plays dodgeball with the local press, he’s always willing to give interviews to an adoring national media that would never dream to ask him who hired Angelo Torres or point out to him that taxpayer money has already been pledged – and spent – by the Chicago Olympic committee. So we get pieces like the one George Vecsey produced in the New York Times this morning, “Chicago Has Shoulders Broad Enough To Host Games.”

Let’s take a look.

“’People want to know that taxpayers’ money will not be used for this event,’ Daley said over lunch the other day,” Vecsey writes approvingly.

George Vecsey, meet Ben Joravsky.

If only the mayor would grant Ben a lunch interview.

“Daley has been instrumental in providing Chicago with an honest-to-goodness bicycle station with racks and even showers for commuters, right at the edge of the Loop. Anybody who can do something like this seems perfectly capable of helping to attract the 2016 Games.”

Yes, I can see how managing a bike station is the equivalent of staging a historic international athletic spectacle.

“One of the first chores is to pick a role model. Asked which Olympic city he would emulate, Daley wisely chose Barcelona, the host of the 1992 Summer Games.”

Wisely? Because Barcelona’s $1.4 billion Olympic deficit will look good in comparison to what Chicago taxpayers will face?

“The mayor and his wife, who runs an after-school program providing arts and other enrichment, spoke with considerable passion about leaving something for the community, as the International Olympic Committee prefers.”

Aside from the bill?

“Nobody from Chicago would ever be caught dead saying this, but a Chicago bid could expect a certain amount of Second City local pride. Many New Yorkers did not support the impractical bid for 2012, feeling they were already the center of the universe.”

Chicagoans, on the other hand, are pigeons. Get ready for the Second City Syndrome Games.


One response to “Daley’s Uneven Bars

  1. Regardless of whether or not one is into having the 2012 Olympics here in Chicago, surely one can see that Beijing makes us look, comparatively, like Heaven on Freakin’ Earth. This kind of thing…

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