The Beijing Transit Authority

“Chicago Mayor Richard Daley took a subway ride in Beijing on Wednesday as part of his efforts to scope out ways his city might refine its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics,” AP reports.

Daley was impressed, but said that “upgrading an aging public transportation system to be as nice as the one in Beijing isn’t cheap and finding the money to do it is difficult.

[UPDATE: The Trib has a photo of Daley on a train. A Division Street reader wonders if the mayor has ever been spotted on one of ours.]

[UPDATE 2: Here’s an AP video report.]

“‘No one can spend this much money. I mean, no one can spend it. I don’t care. What country can spend this much money,’ he said.”

Um, apparently China can.

Here’s the current Beijing Subway set-up followed by the expansion underway. Note that there is an Olympic Branch Line.

And the expansion plan:

Source: Wikipedia, whose Beijing Subway entry is fascinating.


2 responses to “The Beijing Transit Authority

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    As far as I know, Daley has never been on one of the CTA’s trains.
    I think he did take a CTA bus once, it was either the summer of 2006 or 2007 when the US Olympic bigwigs were here & they were shown the city on the CTA’s brand new, never been used in revenue service hybrid articulated buses. The buses were parked on Congress Plaza Dr. waiting for the mucky-mucks that day.

    I could be wrong though, as I wasn’t on one of those buses [there are 2 or 3 of them], I just saw them parked & then saw the TV news items on the tour later that evening.
    For all I know, Little King Mumble Mouth took his chauffeur driven limo!

  2. Yeah, but Bejing ruthlessly displaced people from their homes to build that Olympic Branch line. Surely Daley would never do such a thing in the name of improved transportation.

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