Daley to Blago: Drop Dead

The mayor left for Beijing today to watch the Olympics, but not before delivering a swift kick to the governor on his way out of town.

“Mayor Daley ridiculed Gov. Blagojevich today for offering state troopers and National Guard equipment to combat Chicago crime the governor called ‘out of control’ at the same time the governor is cutting the state’s law enforcement budget,” the Sun-Times reported on Saturday.

“Daley read out loud from a list of Blagojevich’s budget cuts during a news conference called to tout results of Chicago’s gun buy-back program.”

Ouch. I just hope the mayor pulled the right list out of his jacket pocket. His budget cuts are in there too.

“It happened after the mayor was told that Blagojevich had complained that Daley wasn’t returning his calls about the governor’s newly-downsized capital plan, which is no longer bankrolled by casino expansion.”

Maybe he lost the number.

“The last call I got was [after] his press conference, where he said he wanted to help us in regard to law enforcement.

“Then, I read that he cut: $4.8 million in the Ill. Department of Corrections community-based re-entry program for ex-offenders; almost $3 million from the Ill. State Police; $100,000 out of the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force; $7 million [out] of the Department of Juvenile Justice; $600,000 out of the Ill. Violence Prevention Authority and $1.2 million out of a diversion program for non-violent offenders,” Daley said.

“What help can he give me? What help is he talking about? Fine, he has a budget crisis. But, don’t make a statement and have a press conference, then try to call everybody and say, ‘Oh, we want to work with you.’”

Right. Call everybody first and then make a promise you can’t keep.

“This has nothing to do with politics. But, let’s get the facts straight.”

Because if it did have something to do with politics, facts wouldn’t matter.

“I respect him. I’ve worked with him over eight years — on his elections and everything.

So it’s your fault.

“They have a problem down there [in Springfield]. It’s called trust. And I can’t figure that out. No one can solve that. Editorials are trying to solve it. None of us can solve it when there’s a lack of trust between members of the General Assembly and the governor, unfortunately. How do we get beyond it? I don’t know.

Maybe get a new governor?


Finally, the Sun-Times reports in its story that “The image – or even the possibility – of state troopers and National Guard equipment patrolling the streets of Chicago generated negative headlines around the world at a time when the city is one of four finalists to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.”

Right. As opposed to the military regime of Beijing. Come to think of it, maybe Blagojevich did Daley a favor.


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