Publisher Stroger

Among the ideas suggested by Chicagoist readers for ways to dispose of the ill-fated Cook County magazine: a gigantic papier-mache statue of Tony Peraica.

Another commenter says: “I love the fact that Stroger and his moronic staff are too incompetent to publish a magazine designed to create the illusion that they aren’t incompetent.”

Over at Chicagoland, commenter joelb writes: “From the day a flyer with nearly the entire Chicago Democratic lineup endorsing this guy sadly found its way into my mailbox, I knew we were in for years of comedy gold.”

Personally, I just love how spectacularly Cook County magazine reflects its subject matter: Bid out by secret contract to an incompetent vendor who delivers an embarrassing product, all on the taxpayers’ dime. Well-played!


2 responses to “Publisher Stroger

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Will someone please, please get a copy of this & post it to the web?

    And I just love the fact that The Toddler’s Eighth Ward nitwits don’t know how to use spellcheck!

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