Like Father, Like Daughter?

“State residents will be more vulnerable to offenses like identity theft and mortgage fraud if significant cuts to her office budget are allowed to stand, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is warning, Crain’s reports.

“In a phone interview, the state’s chief legal officer said 25% cuts ordered by Gov. Rod Blagojevich ‘at best are irresponsible. At worst, it’s politically motivated’.”

Yes, but it’s hard to separate out Mike Madigan’s irresponsible and politically motivated actions, illustrating that her father is still as much a hindrance as a help to whatever ambitions she has. Can you imagine a Governor Madigan working with her father (presumably) to hammer out a budget that steamrolls over everyone else? Or would Mike Madigan step down if he can elect his daughter governor? Otherwise, the spectacle might be too much for even Illinoisans to stomach.

Then again, the specter of a Governor Bill Daley poses its own questions.


Paul Vallas campaign slogans:

– Nobody Sent Me!
– Not Related To Any Of ‘Em!
– Not My Family Business!
– End Family Reign!
– Change No One Is Related To!


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