“In November 2002, Joseph Gleiter sat at the breakfast counter of Plaza Cafe in Orland Park, eyeing Rod Blagojevich as he made his way through the crowd,” Kristen McQueary writes.

“Just days before the election that would crown him governor, Blagojevich stopped in the southwest suburbs to shake hands at a local hangout. Gleiter had one question for him:

“‘I’d like to know what you’re going to do about these facilities,’ he said, referring to the group home in which his mentally disabled son lives. ‘If you make cuts, these people are going to end up in state facilities.’

“Gleiter wagged his finger at an antsy Blagojevich who – naturally – was hours behind schedule that day.

“‘It’s a matter of setting priorities,’ the soon-to-be governor assured Gleiter before his handlers steered him toward another table.

“Priorities. Right.

“What were they again?”

Go read the rest of it to find out.


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