Governor Fife

The Sun-Times cast a goofy-looking governor as John Wayne to illustrate its story about Rod Blagojevich’s offer to send the state police – and possibly the National Guard – to Chicago to help out the apparently hapless Mayor Daley. As noted the headline to this post, I think the Sun-Times missed a comedic opportunity.

Meanwhile, City Hall is pissed.

“We’re a little puzzled about how it would work,” mayoral spokesmonster Jackie Heard said.

Who isn’t? What a logistical nightmare.

“Daley administration officials also noted with some cynicism that Blagojevich had yet to respond to efforts by City Hall earlier this year to seek youth job and recreational programs to help prevent an onslaught of summer violence.”

It’s also classic Blagojevich grandstanding. “It is, at the very least, a little disconcerting that we’re only hearing about this as the media does,” Heard said.

Fortunately, classic Blagojevich grandstanding includes the fact that he never follows through with his grand pronouncements, so let’s declare this dead-on-arrival and move on.


One response to “Governor Fife

  1. My first thought when I saw the Sun Times front page today was “Larry Storch from F-Troop.”

    But, the photo says “apologies to John Wayne.” I think I am closer, though. Maybe it is the hair.

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