The revolt – and revulsion – of Barack Obama’s recent vote on FISA legislation among his supporters has been well-documented by now, and certainly – along with a series of other sudden policy shifts – calls into question whether his campaign thus far has simply been an exercise in cynical expediency dressed up in the rhetoric of hope and change.

The image on this post comes from this video about the FISA bill. Note that one defense Obama uses is that he’ll review the program “when he’s elected.” That’s astonishingly arrogant; besides the questionable notion that he’ll fix whatever is broken once he gets to the White House even if contrary to his vote now, he’s taking a helluva chance with our civil liberties because there is the off-chance that John McCain wins this election. Then what will Obama do? Lead an effort in the U.S. Senate to reverse all those “Yes” votes – including his own?


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