Judging Jody

“Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis will be put on the City Council hot seat next week to explain a surge in homicides and violence that bubbled over at last week’s Taste of Chicago fireworks show,” the Sun-Times reports.

Surges in City Hall corruption will continue to be ignored by the council, however.


“Police Committee Chairman Isaac Carothers (29th) summoned Weis to appear before his committee one day after the Chicago Sun-Times reported that police made major mistakes trying to head off violence at the Taste,” the paper says.

“Carothers, whose brother is a tactical lieutenant in the 2nd District, promoted as Weis was taking over, said Weis ‘needs a little bit of pressure. He hasn’t had much pressure. He’s had a honeymoon since he’s been here.'”

1. Wait. The chairman of the city council’s police committee has a brother who is a police officer? Hello?

2. Yes, Weis hasn’t had much pressure on him. Hello?


Sun-Times editorial today: “It’s Too Soon To Judge Weis’ Overall Record.”

Gee, ya think? He hasn’t even been here long enough to have an “overall” record.

“What does an FBI agent know about walking a beat?” the paper asks.

About as much as some editors know about reporting a beat?

“What matters most is that Mayor Daley stood by Weis, at least publically [sic], even as he demanded privately to know what went wrong.”

Yes, what matters most is that the mayor told our reporters something completely at odds with what he’s been saying in private!


“The real issue is lethal violence all across Chicago,” the Tribune says in an editorial today.

“[W]hat makes these incidents unusual is that they happened downtown, not that they happened in Chicago. The city has seen an ominous, 13 percent rise in the murder rate this year. Here’s hoping that every alderman gets upset about that,” the paper says in a superior effort.

“Those of us who love Taste of Chicago are entitled to our safety. But we’re no more entitled than the many Chicagoans whose streets can be shooting galleries any night.”


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