Caveney’s Dish

Jack E. Caveney of Hinsdale bought a quarter-page-plus ad on the New York Times Op-Ed page today titled “A RATIONAL PLAN TO SOLVE OUR CRITICAL SHORTAGE OF OIL & NATURAL GAS.”

It starts this way:

“The Democrats claim that the oil companies presently are authorized to drill where 80% of our oil and gas resources are located. The fact is that 84% of our continental offshore shelf is off limit to exploration or production. They also claim that we don’t have enough oil and gas resources to solve our petroleum problems.”

It ends this way:

“Senator Obama and his fellow Democratic politicians are supporting our present suicidal policies, which provide financial support to our enemies in the War on Terror and to our Communist opponents while destroying our economy.”

So who is Jack E. Caveney, and how can he afford to buy ads on the New York Times’s Op-Ed page?

Apparently it’s the founder of Panduit Corporation, whose world headquarters – present and future – is in Tinley Park.

“PANDUIT was founded in 1955 by Jack E Caveney in the garage of his Beverly home on Chicago’s South Side,” a company press release says. “In 1960, PANDUIT established its current operations in Tinley Park in a newly built 10,000 square foot facility. The business has grown to encompass 750,000 square feet in Tinley Park and over 2,000,000 square feet of facilities globally.

“PANDUIT is a leading, world-class developer and provider of innovative networking and electrical solutions. For more than 50 years, PANDUIT has engineered and manufactured end-to-end solutions that assist its customers in the deployment of the latest technologies. Global expertise and strong industry relationships make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner dedicated to delivering technology-driven solutions and unmatched service.”

Although it could be his son, Jack E. Jr., who is Panduit’s chairman and CEO.

In either case, one of them was also a donor of $125,000 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. And the whole family appears to be GOP donors.


6 responses to “Caveney’s Dish

  1. Wow, you’d think for that kind of money they’d want to make a coherent argument and use better grammar. Maybe they could start by understanding that presently means soon, not currently (I hate that!).

    Judging from the phrase “Communist opponents,” I’m guessing it was the elder Caveney who wrote this ad.

  2. Nice catch.

  3. Bjorn Schellenberg

    The main problems with Caveney’s advocacy of off-shore drilling are that it won’t solve the insustainability issue.. Secondly, jsut because alternative solutions may take some time does not imply we shouldn’t start. Thirdly the free enterprise system can’t solve energy because it’s not free: it’s subsidized (royalty sweetheart deals etc.)

  4. Peter, if you look in a dictionary you will notice presently not only means soon but can also mean now.

  5. A similar as appeared in The Wall Street Journal on July 16. It did not mention Democrats, only “some members of Congress” and it did not mention Senator Obama by name. Forget any minor grammatical errors. Read the whole article before making up your mind, not just the pieces quoted here. BTW, the author is Jack Caveney, Sr.

  6. grumpajoesplace

    Knowing Mr. Caveney it is my opinion that if he spent money to publish his article, it is because he is passionate about solving a problem. He built his fortune by solving problems with a vengeance.

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