Bizarro Stroger

How do you know when Todd Stroger is making a fool of himself? When his mouth moves.

“As you may recall, in the summer and fall of 2006, I campaigned for the office of Cook County board president and promised to create an independent governance structure for the county’s health care system, to place the county’s juvenile temporary detention center under the authority of the chief judge and to reform and empower the office of the inspector general,” Stroger said on Thursday.

Daily Herald writer Rob Olmstead writes: “Well, one out of three ain’t bad. Stroger never promised the first two. In fact, in a Daily Herald campaign questionnaire dated September 2006, Stroger was asked point blank about his willingness to turn over the health care system to an independent board.

“‘I believe that the county board and its president should maintain control over the Bureau of Health,’ he wrote.

“Additionally, Stroger never promised to turn over the juvenile detention center either. On his own campaign Web page, he wrote in 2006, ‘I am not ready to give up on the JTDC,’ and instead advocated ‘owning up to our own mistakes and fixing them ourselves.’

“Confronted with the discrepancy, Stroger spokesmen insisted the president was correct, even asserting there was documentation to prove it. By the end of the day, though, they reversed course.

“The president misspoke today,” a spokesman said.

Just like every other day.


One response to “Bizarro Stroger

  1. When, oh when, will somebody ask what was meant to be said after a politician “misspoke?”

    I’m getting a bit tired of politicians and others saying they “misspoke” when they are actually lying. If I misspeak, I correct myself and state what I meant to say.

    If Todd misspoke when he said all those things, what was it that he really meant to say?

    More importantly, why doesn’t anyone ask?

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