Kook Kounty Kars

“My two greatest passions combined,” Dan Sprehe, chief investigator for the BGA, writes to Division Street. “The only thing that would have exceeded it would have been a screen shot of Chief Wiggum or Mayor Quimby.”

From the BGA’s press release:

“A Better Government Association (BGA) investigation, in partnership with Fox-Chicago, shows Cook County has failed to live up to its own laws for tracking and managing its large fleet of vehicles. The bills for those vehicles, their maintenance, and their expensive gasoline are paid by Cook County taxpayers, already struggling to fill their own gas tanks.”

From the Fox Chicago report “Cook County Loses Track of County Cars and Who’s Driving Them“:

“We’re just days away from the new Cook County sales tax going into effect and new questions are being raised about the county’s ability to manage its budget. A Fox News investigation with the Better Government Association found the county can’t tell us how many cars it owns or who’s driving them. It’s been three years since the county last accounted for. As Dane Placko reports, the county isn’t following its own legal requirements.”


2 responses to “Kook Kounty Kars

  1. So what else is new?

    How can we get the gazillion stories like this to register with voters? We have to throw the bums out, but the level of cynicism is so high that nobody seems to want to move. I want some creative ideas from the media and those who care about good government on how to mount an effective opposition. Maybe Barack Obama’s campaign team could help US out after the election – they’ve done a great job so far.

  2. GPS is so darn available and cheap. It is maddening that the CTA and every government organization is not using it. GPS would track use, speeds, went to an unauthorized area and reduce maintenance costs. Every freight company in America is already using with great results.

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