Mastering the Muslim Domain

Barack Obama is coming under fire for his indelicate denials that he is a Muslim. I just realized watching Seinfeld how Obama should address this in the future. Just add the line, “Not that there’s anything wrong with it.”

But seriously, this* is exactly the wrong approach – and it gives you an idea of where Obama staffers got the notion that this was a good idea, Obama’s later apology notwithstanding.

* “As Senator Barack Obama courted voters in Iowa last December, Representative Keith Ellison, the country’s first Muslim congressman, stepped forward eagerly to help.

“Mr. Ellison believed that Mr. Obama’s message of unity resonated deeply with American Muslims. He volunteered to speak on Mr. Obama’s behalf at a mosque in Cedar Rapids, one of the nation’s oldest Muslim enclaves. But before the rally could take place, aides to Mr. Obama asked Mr. Ellison to cancel the trip because it might stir controversy. Another aide appeared at Mr. Ellison’s Washington office to explain.

“’I will never forget the quote,’ Mr. Ellison said, leaning forward in his chair as he recalled the aide’s words. ‘He said, We have a very tightly wrapped message.’”


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