Growing Up Cook

If Cook County needs a new revenue stream, it ought to consider making reality TV series’ out of various aspects of its operations. For example, home renovation shows are hotter than an overburdened Cook County taxpayer right now, and a perfect opportunity has presented itself. I bring you:

The Cook County Criminal Courts Administration Building Kitchen Renovation project!

That’s right. A kitchen makeover at the, um, CCCAB is well underway – the change orders are already rolling in.

Here’s the agenda of that just came out from the Construction Committee – surely a fine source of subplots and treachery:

JUNE 24, 2008 NOTICE

“The recessed meeting of the Construction Committee of June 24, 2008 of the Board of Commissioners of Cook County will reconvene on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at the hour of 9:30 A.M. in the Board Room, Room 569, County Building, 118 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois to consider the following:

294361 OFFICE OF CAPITAL PLANNING AND POLICY, by Bruce Washington, Director, transmitting a Communication, dated May 2, 2008:

transmitted herewith for your approval is Change Order No. 6 in the amount of $174,215.09 to the contract with Simpson Construction Company, Bellwood, Illinois, contractor for the Cook County Criminal Courts Administration Building Kitchen Renovation project. It is respectfully requested that this Honorable Body approve this request.

Reason: This change order provides for the rebuilding and removal of existing molded walls and corroded metal studs per industry standards, replacement of all corroded electrical conduits within the wall and the installation of an additional layer of waterproofing membrane and epoxy grouting.

Epoxy grouting! Gripping!

No additional contract time is required.

We’ll see about that!

Contract No. 06-53-420

Original Contract Sum: $1,802,000.00
Total Changes to-date: 51,925.40
Adjusted Contract to-date: $1,853,925.40
Amount of this Modification: _174,215.09
Adjusted Contract Sum: $2,028,140.49

Estimated Fiscal Impact: $174,215.09. Bond Issue (20000 Account).

Sufficient funds have been appropriated to cover this request.

Really? I sense a narrative arc!

Or maybe my approach is all wrong. Consider these possibilities:

* The Todd & Tony Show

* Boss Hog, Big Nuts (I prefer this to the overused Leave it to Beavers)

* Brother Daley

* Deal or Deal

* Red Ink


2 responses to “Growing Up Cook

  1. Come on guys you have to have something better that that…slow news day huh?

  2. Hell, my kitchen renovation only cost $45,000. Where do they cook, in a stadium?

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