Spinning Out The Door

For all I know Abby Ottenhoff is an amazingly wonderful person in real life, but really, can you believe anything she says?

Ottenhoff is the latest spinmeister to leave the Blagojevich administration, and her exit interview with Bernard Schoenburg of the (Springfield) State Journal-Register leaves me wondering if she’s an idiot or just a liar. Let’s take a look.

“It’s really been an honor to be a part of this administration,” Ottenhoff said.

And for some, it’s also been a crime.

“The recent trial of gubernatorial fund-raiser Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko, she said, can be seen as good news for the governor because, while he was convicted of some corruption charges, Rezko was acquitted of ‘issues dealing with Public Official A,’ which was code in court documents for Blagojevich.”

Yes, the testimony of Ali Ata and Joe Cari was wonderful news for the governor! This is a neat bit of spin, but Blagojevich was hardly exonerated by the verdict.

“I think that the governor is in a good place,” Ottenhoff said.

Oh, is he out at Wrigley again?

“If anything, the outcome of that recent trial puts a lot of the questions that were hanging there aside.”

This is getting ridiculous. And our tax dollars paid this woman’s salary.

“Ottenhoff also said the governor has been able to ‘bring together three of the legislative caucuses in support of the capital plan, which is really a top priority for him as well as for people and, I think, lawmakers all over the state. So that’s on a good track.'”

It’s true, he has united legislators – against him. Meanwhile, the capital plan is . . . going nowhere.

“Ottenhoff is a native of Greeley, Colo.”

Don’t be so sure.


3 responses to “Spinning Out The Door

  1. I will say Ottenhoff has nerves of steal, what ever she was paid it wasn’t enough to defend Rod. I often wondered if Ottenhoff takes a drink now and then to calm the nerves. Who will poor Rod get to replace her, he’ll never get anyone who can put a spin on things like her. I know how about Brian Urlacher, when the press asks him a question he dosn’t have to answer he can just punch them in the head.

  2. She actually IS an amazingly wonderful person in real life.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Ottenhoff spinning for some other politico in the very near future. What amazes me how few ethics a person has to have to DO what she did in this position.

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