Stroger Plays Palatine

And he’s in top form. Let’s take a look.

“Stroger, who remained unflappable, said ‘people don’t trust politicians,'” the Tribune reports, ‘and that’s they way this job works.'”

No, that’s how the job doesn’t work. Just ask the governor.

But it was Robert Simon who was the big hit.

“Dr. Robert Simon, former interim chief of the massive county Health Services Bureau, defended the county.

“‘I think it’s absolutely stunning to see what is done with $3 billion,’ he said. ‘It’s absolutely amazing to me.’

“His argument was met with laughter from the crowd.”

Which momentarily made them forget they once paid Simon’s mileage to and from his Michigan home – and they’re still paying (twice what was previously acknowledged) for his services.

“Stroger on Monday told residents he was trying to create a cash reserve, as a hedge against future tax hikes.”

Which might be a fine idea if the county budget was already properly managed instead of in a constant state of crisis. But it’s not. Which makes it an insane idea. And yet . . .

“He also said the idea of a surplus is a myth,” the Daily Herald reports, “despite projections that the tax increase will bring in an additional $426 million in revenue to cover a $230 million deficit. Collective bargaining agreements with unions will add $110 million to the budget next year alone, he said.

“‘What seems like a ton of money today will not be the same in 2009,’ said Stroger. ‘We’ll have something that will get us through the bumpy times.'”

So he’s right: It’s not a myth that a surplus exists.

“But he defended the board’s [tax increase], saying it had been 15 years since the county raised its portion of the sales tax. He said he balanced the budget despite inheriting a half billion-dollar deficit when he took over as president in December 2006.

“‘(The county) is providing 2008 services with 1992 dollars,’ he said.”

A) Wasn’t the dollar worth more then?
B) You mean dollars you’ve been saving up since then?
C) Shouldn’t we use 1993 dollars instead?
D) Better yet, can we use Canadian dollars?
E) What if we provided 1992 services – weren’t there more then before all these budget cuts?
F) You’re an idiot


From the Daily Herald’s play-by-play:

“Simply paradise on earth” (7:39 p.m.): That was the line delivered by the narrator of a video played detailing Cook County services, describing the forest preserves it maintains.”


“First of all, I’d like to state I don’t hate you.”
– Vince Thombetta, Hoffman Estates


“The government is just like your household.”
– Todd Stroger

Yes, there are a lot of family members to support.


One response to “Stroger Plays Palatine

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    How many bodyguards & goons did he have protecting him from the crowd?

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