Like a Clown

“Mayor Daley said today he was ‘amused,’ not offended at the hostile reaction from some Northwestern University students to the choice of Daley as NU’s 150th commencement speaker,” the Sun-Times reports.

“‘It’s college students. They always dissent. They have to. That’s part of life. We all did that. I was amused by it,’ Daley said.”

Let’s break that down.

1. “It’s college students.” Well, it is a commencement.

2. “They always dissent.” Um, not since 1972.

3. “They have to.” Wha?

4. “That’s part of life.” Which part?

5. “We all did that.” We?

6. “I was amused by it.” Right. Amused.

“And what about Northwestern students who wanted a bigger name at their June 20 graduation and consider Daley too parochial? ‘Mayor of the city of Chicago is not parochial. That’s one thing I know,’ Daley said.”

7. He’s not being ironic, is he?

“Asked if he has words of wisdom to impart to NU grads that students need to hear, Daley said, ‘Oh, I think so. If you were here in 1989, I think you see a totally different city, a changing city – drastically.'”

8. So . . . they need to hear that the city has changed in the last 18 years (while the rest of the nation has presumably stood still)?

“Northwestern faculty choose honorary degree recipients and work with NU President Henry Bienen to select a commencement speaker from among them with the concurrence of the university’s Board of Trustees, chaired by longtime Daley friend Pat Ryan. This year, the choice was Daley.”

9. He’ll be speaking about the importance of connections.


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