BREAKING: Daley Gets His Way

The vote was 33-16, according to the Tribune’s Dan Mihalopoulos.

Earlier, Mihalopoulous reported that “Yet another major local institution says its position on the Chicago Children’s Museum plan for Grant Park was misrepresented in newspaper ads where the museum listed what it said were supporters.”

Tell me again, Berny Stone, which side lied their way through this debate?

“The Art Institute was listed in the ad in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, but Art Institute spokeswoman Eric Hogan told the Tribune Wednesday that director Jim Cuno’s letter to the Children’s Museum was meant “as a personal letter of support” that does not reflect the Art Institute’s position.”

On to the courts . . .


BREAKING! Reader John Kuczaj reads my mind:

CTA airport express plan crippled.”

” . . . Huberman asked the CTA board Wednesday to approve $45.6 million in additional spending to finish construction of the shells for the station and subway tunnel . . . ”

QUICK! Someone get Jennifer Farrington on the phone! We’ve found the ideal site for the Children’s Museum: at the center of the city, near public transportation and underground.


2 responses to “BREAKING: Daley Gets His Way

  1. Any word on how Schulter voted? Just curious…

  2. Schulter voted against the move. Good on him!

    I think the proposal to move the Children’s Museum to Block 37 is seriously brilliant. Then Daley can go over there every day from his office and show how much he cares about children.

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