Thompson Takedown

This just came across the transom:

June 9, 2008

Tribune Statement Regarding Wrigley Field

CHICAGO, June 9, 2008 – Tribune Company today issued the following statement regarding its negotiations with the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority (ISFA) on the disposition of Wrigley Field:

“Tribune and ISFA have been unable to come to terms on an agreement to transfer ownership of Wrigley Field into a public trust. As an employee-owned organization, Tribune has been clear and unwavering in its commitment to a transaction that is favorable to the public, to the company, and to the Cubs. Unfortunately, ISFA’s proposal did not meet this criteria and would, in fact, violate the policies of Major League Baseball. We continue to see a strong benefit for the state and the city in public ownership of the ballpark, but we cannot execute a transaction at the expense of our employees or in violation of MLB rules.”

Looks like Big Jim Thompson has really lost his touch. Or should we now start calling him Little Jim?


4 responses to “Thompson Takedown

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    I certainly don’t know this for sure, but I’ll bet that Thompson’s never ending defense of George Ryan has made him poison to all the rest of the pols in the state.
    Everyone who knows anything about Illinois politics has wondered what Ryan has on Thompson to have caused him to spend at least $20 million of his law firm’s money & wreck what little is left of his over inflated reputation on a genuine sleazoid like Ryan.

    Even the combine of $hellander & ¢ellini would have had a better chance of selling this turkey to the powers that be!

  2. You are using my photograph of Jim Thompson, which was published on McHenry County Blog on April 25, 2008.

    It’s not so much I mind your using it. It’s that you have not given McHenry County Blog a photo credit in your story.

    Would you please do so?

    I give NBC credit when I take a picture of your screen.

  3. divisionstreet

    Cal: I don’t remember where this image came from, but I’m sure I didn’t intend to steal it from you. My apologies . . . I’m guessing I was under the impression this was in the public domain; I’m not certain why I would have selected an image from your blog, though, with so many others available. But it was a year ago so I simply can’t remember. Again, apologies for the mix-up. (This system doesn’t allow for photo credits; we can either consider this the credit or I can remove the photo. Just let me know.)

  4. That’s OK.

    My guess is that you found it on Google images. I got a couple of pretty good shots while Thompson was at the McCain rally in Addison.

    Not many shots of him recently.

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